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Diversity Brought to Life at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences, U.A.E.

At Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and Residences, we celebrate and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the communities where we operate. Huge photographs of UAE Leaders are seen in our hotel lobbies to share the ideals and visions of Dubai to its nationals, expatriates, and visitors.

Our hotel annually celebrates UAE National Day and other public holidays. We have supported countless government programs such as training endeavours for Emirati students and our support to government charities. Truly,UAE is our home.

Not just that,we also exemplify the diversity of talents and professions from different nations of the world experiencing Hilton Brand culture at work.We are eminent Internship hub for international students who are finding the future of hospitality. The workforce or human resources in our team consists of amazing team members. They are from: TURKEY, AUSTRIA, GERMANY, NEPAL, INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES, MYANMAR, THAILAND, CHINA, SRI LANKA, SOUTH AFRICA, RUSSIA, EGYPT, YEMEN, IRAQ, KENYA, UGANDA, SUDAN, GREAT BRITAIN, USA, BANGLADESH, and so much more.

The global fusion will continue and ascertain that we have a commitment to diversity. This month, our two hotels had just witnessed and celebrated PAKISTAN(August 14 )and INDIA (August 15 )Independence day with national pride among our Team Members.

They gathered with great zeal and enthusiasm to sing their national anthem at the accommodation. Exciting activities filled up the whole day observed by close to perfect attendance of employees from respective nations. Our hotels had shown a tremendous support by marking it out in our 2012 full Team Members’ activities calendar. These are very high time where everyone stays in the bondage of brotherhood. This is a day of tribute to remember the sacrifice of lives of the great freedom fighters and patriots and by celebrating it joyfully.

The significance of these events not only defines our individual interests, community tradition, and cultures, but it highlights how our company values and supports its Team Members. We have a legacy of global inclusiveness that celebrates our culture, talent, workplace, and marketplace initiatives, our Hilton Worldwide company stated.“Diversity is our future, is part of our legacy, and is fundamental to our success,” a quote from Christopher J.Nassetta President & Chief Executive Officer.

The legacy is even made brighter with Blue Energy.

Proud to be in Hilton!Thank you Dubai Jumeirah Team

Posted on Sep 24, 2012

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