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“Diving for Dollars” Holiday Contest Helps SALT Scores Rise.

For our Hotel contest in November 2009, I looked to combine rewarding notable customer service and motivating all employees to strive to achieve it by running our first (Annual by request!) “Diving for Dollars” Holiday Contest.

Our GS Mgr. Stephanie Yingling made and printed colorful turkeys that were available at the FD, break area and on HK carts for the guests to let us know when someone had provided notable service or help. Each team member received 5 in house “turkeys” to catch each other. These turkeys were then displayed near the FD area for guests and employees to see and read. Each time an employee was written about, they could come to my office to pick from a box of “Hampton Dollars” that were folded to hide values of $1 to $10 on each. I went shopping for items that would make nice holiday gifts from gloves to jewelry to perfume to toys that all had “price tags” on them of about 50% of the retail price. (About $400 was spent.)

The contest was set up to earn all the Hampton Bucks you could in order to do “shopping” at our annual Holiday Party. Many employees had $25 to $35 that they got to spend on one item at a time with their names pulled from a hat for randomness. They had so much fun choosing what they wanted, helping each other choose or in some cases employees giving others some of their money that all were able to have at least 3 items- and we have 35 team members!

The best parts were watching the SALT scores climb through November and December AND seeing employees interacting and caring for each other across departments. I have received many requests that this contest be held every year as it was so much fun.

Posted on Jan 8, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Recognizing Holidays, SALT Boosting Ideas

Alan Cousin says

I think that is a wonderful idea. Truly Motivating and Inspiring. Wish all the properties did this as it is so true..”Giving a little goes a long way receiving so much more in return.”

Commented on July 12, 2010

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