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Do You Know the Platinum Rule?

You’ve heard of the Golden Rule, but do you know the Platinum Rule? The Platinum Rule says to “Treat others the way THEY want to be treated. Recognize others the way THEY want to be recognized.”

The Platinum Rule requires you to really KNOW your team. After all, successful recognition is in the eye of the receiver, not the giver. When creating your recognition plan, you can’t stick to “tried and true” methods that worked in the past. What motivated your team a year ago may not be effective now. That’s because your team is constantly growing, experiencing new things, and adding new Team Members. Doesn’t it make sense that your recognition should evolve with them?

If you’ve been dedicated to recognizing your team but still not seeing the results you want (or dipping SALT scores and plateaued morale), it’s time to enforce the Platinum Rule. Use these examples below to see how to take your recognition from standard and dull to tailored and platinum.

Scenario 1: Your hotel throws a big, annual team party.

Stuffing all recognition into one big, year-end blowout is a bad idea. It’s difficult to stay motivated when Team Members know their “thank you” is still several months away. Instead, use your party budget to create 3-4 smaller events throughout the year. The frequent celebrations mean your team is always looking forward to recognition!

Scenario 2: Recognition is usually food, like doughnuts or pizza.

Food is a great recognition method, but not all Team Members share the same tastes. Some may have food allergies or lifestyle restrictions, which means they’re stuck on the sidelines while others have all the fun. Be sure to talk to your team to find out what they like. (Team Member surveys are a great way to do this!) Or hand out recognition coupons and let Team Members pick their prize.

Scenario 3: Accomplishments get a shout-out at daily meetings.

Getting to know your team on a personal level has many benefits, including learning what recognition fits them best. For many Team Members, recognition is even sweeter in front of peers. But others may be uncomfortable with the attention and would prefer a meaningful thank you note. By recognizing these small differences, you know what methods best motivate your team, and how you can recognize them all as important individuals.


Posted on Jul 29, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

rowel salazar says

this is absolutely motivating and ultimate idea.This is really a WOW factor in the hotel.

Commented on August 4, 2013

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