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Don’t Waste Your Leftover Catch Me Cards! Here’s a Fun Way to Use Them.

Here’s a fun idea to encourage peer recognition and use up your remaining Catch Me cards.

Step 1: Figure out how many leftover cards you think you’ll have at the end of Catch Me. You’ll want to guesstimate a bit low so you’ll have enough cards left for guests.

Step 2: Using that number, give each Team Member a set number of cards to catch teammates during the final weeks. For example, if you think you’ll have 200 cards left and you have 40 Team Members, give each Team Member five cards.

Step 3: Enter Team Members who use all of their leftover cards into a drawing for prizes at the end of Catch Me. (Be sure to enter catches on the Tally Website.)

You can also save your cards to use in 2015.

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Topic(s): Catch Me at My Best, Recent Recognition Ideas

caryn wallace (HGI Odessa Tx.) says

Our staff had a great week letting our co workers know just how much we appreciated them as a team!!!!!!!

Commented on September 1, 2014

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