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Emergency…My Story!

Hampton Inn Lexington – I-75, KY

Keep up to date with CPR training and how to be calm during a crisis. Educate staff on AED and First Aid training. You never know when you need it!

My Story
When a guest needed a reprint of his receipt I took it out the lobby to him along with my business card. I have noticed this guest several times at the hotel before and acknowledged myself to him. He was traveling alone and here in town for a meeting. A few minutes later he came to me needing simple medical assistance and said he needed to see his doctor who was here in town (the guest is from a very small town 2 hours away). Taking other regular elderly guests to their appointments was nothing new to me so instead waiting for a taxi I personally took him to the hospital emergency room. En route, halfway he started to have severe chestpains. As a volunteer myself for the local Police Department I thought what I should do. I called 911 with my hazard flashers on beeping my horn while on the phone with 911/paramedics. The paramedic stayed on the phone with me until I arrived at the emergency room with the guest. I stayed with guest until I knew he was okay and family had been called. I requested that 911/paramedics do not release the identity of this guest, who happend to be a VIP celebrity in our state.

Posted on Feb 23, 2011

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Moderator says

That’s great advice on First Aid training…and a GREAT story.

Commented on February 23, 2011

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