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Emphasizing Safety and Security During Housekeeping Week!

Each day of housekeeping week we had differant fun ways to create recognition and awareness of our surroundings, attention to detail, safety and security for our guests and ourselves, comfort and cleanliness and connections with ourselves and our guests. Some of our activities were…we purchased scratch off tickets and hid them in the guest rooms, behind toilets, under tv, behind microwaves. Another was $5 bill given to the housekeeper that found a smoke/fire alarm that was not working, Most work order tickets written up for any issues in the guest room including door locks, safety locks, phones not working, doors not closing properly, slow drains, toilets not working(that day we totally focused on safety and security). On one of the days each housekeeper was given 10 pennies, if something was forgotten in the room or needed to be cleaned and they had to be sent back…We took a penny away. At the end of the day the housekeeper with the most pennies was recognized as the Star performer and was rewarded with a gift card. Another day each housekeeper was given a banana and was to take it with them throughout the day, at our 2pm break they were to all meet with their bananas in the break room to make their own banana split(lots of fun). We had am snacks, lunches, pm snacks, and different gifts given to them through the week. We had a fun week yet stayed very focused on guest satisfaction.

Posted on Oct 3, 2010

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