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Energizing the Spirit of Security With Recognition!

June 30th witnessed a warm get together and a bright recognition evening for the Security team at Hilton Garden Inn New Delhi Saket. As per the Unit’s monthly Recognition calendar, Security personnel were invited for a high tea with all Managers. The team was given a trophy and certificate to recognize their consistent efforts to keep up with the tight security and control despite the location challenges.

Their energy and enthusiasm are boundless and contagious and the Security team is well known for their bright and cheerful greetings. The tenacious efforts of the Security Team to introduce, monitor and control safety and security measures has won laurels in the past and is much appreciated which is quite evident even from the Salt scores. While keeping up with the unflappable, positive spirit and good humor the Security team has always been able to achieve the desired results.

Celebrating and recognizing team accomplishments has been the way at HGI. Recognition at HGI Saket works 110% all the time, no matter what, no matter when.



Posted on Jul 2, 2010

Topic(s): Hotel Safety and Security, Recent Recognition Ideas

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