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Essential Piece Medallion at Hampton Inn Winston-Salem-I-40/Hanes Mall.

On March 11, we celebrated saying thank you by launching a program called the Essential Piece. We have a medallion inscribed with the message, “Can’t Imagine Us Without You!” The medallion is encased in a card that reads, “Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we’re all different? Each of us has strengths and skills to share. And when we link our individual strengths together, we’re invincible. Can’t imagine us without you.”

The Essential Piece medallion is small enough to fit into a pocket or a locker. Its purpose is to give Team Members a tangible way to tell each other, “Thank you! I value you.”

I started the program by choosing a Team Member that takes time out of her day to find me and ask me how I am. Her smile always makes me feel good, and I appreciate her. I gave her the medallion so she would have concrete proof that I appreciate her for that.

She kept the medallion for one week, and then shared it with a Team Member who did something special for her. At Hampton Inn Winston-Salem-I-40/Hanes Mall, we are excellent at exuding Hamptonality and celebrating our successes, often with public recognition, rewards, and luncheons. The purpose of the Essential Piece is for Team Members to recognize each other on a deeper level. Giving each other the medallion allows us to show our gratitude and warmth on a personal level, ensuring that Team Members not only celebrate each other in public as a team, but also create connections with each other day-to-day.

The medallion is passed from Team Member to Team Member each week, and has been met with enthusiastic success! Our Team Members who have received it from another are surprised, grateful, and even more eager to be the type of Team Member that others appreciate.

We are grateful for a way to give each other a simple thank you, in a way that makes it even more meaningful.

Posted on May 28, 2015

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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