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From HSK with Love

All year long this people are making sure that the guests and team members are safe and happy, they always carry a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tester, etc. and ready all the time, they are our engineering team.

This week it’s their time to celebrate and we from the housekeeping team wants to appreciate all the effort they always put in their work. So we decided to create something different, we made a ladder and put it in the basket full of candies and chocolates, on the side we made the photos of the engineering team with a twist, it’s a clip art of the team member particular job with their faces. We deliver the gift during one of their games in Eng. Week and everyone was so happy, we the housekeeping team was so glad also seeing how they appreciate our simple gift. A simple gift that marks in their heart that they are appreciated for their hard work.

Posted on Dec 13, 2019

Topic(s): Additional Ideas, Housekeeping

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