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Game, Set, Match — Serving Up Hospitality at Hilton Houston Americas, TX.

It’s a big deal with the Senior Olympics come to Houston, TX. Guests flock to the Hilton Houston Americas hotel to participate in the games and watch the elaborate torch lighting ceremony in the park the afternoon before the games.

That weekend, one guest had something even bigger to deal with. Her room flooded the same day she was slotted to play a tennis match in the Senior Olympics. Her outfit was soaked. Laundry advised that drying would take 45 minutes, but her match was started in an hour.

Enter Roger Bailey, Security Supervisor at Hilton Houston Americas, TX. As he checked flood and safety issues, he moved the guest to a clean room and listened to her story. He whisked the sodden tennis outfit to Laundry, where a supervisor allowed Roger to use the dryer. Minutes later, the outfit was dry and the guest was dressed for success.

Still one problem: Running late and unfamiliar with the Houston area, the guest doubted she could make it to the match in time. Not a problem for Roger, who took ownership and escorted the guest to the George R. Brown convention center in plenty of time for her match.

Way to live Blue Energy, Roger!

Posted on Apr 16, 2012

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, Hilton Worldwide Values, Hotel Safety and Security, Recent Recognition Ideas

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