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Gary Hatfield Saves the Day at Hilton Providence, RI.

Last weekend, Gary Hatfield saved the day at Hilton Providence, RI. Check out his awesome story, plus the great catches his team submitted!

“We owe a huge thank you to Gary for immediately taking charge of a potential fire situation, that quite frankly could have caused significant damage to the hotel and could have injured many employees and guests. The gas grill in our restaurant, Shula’s 347 Bar and Grill, was pulled away from the wall so that an employee could clean behind it. There was a flexible hosing disconnect, and it was pulled just far enough that the line snapped causing gas to have free rein from the pipe. It caught fire – so much so that Gary could see it from his office behind the back line!

Gary immediately came out, grabbed an extinguisher and put the fire out. He then cut the gas lines off. Had he panicked instead of reacting, there potentially could have been a gas explosion. I was not present when this occurred, but I can tell you it gave Gary the scare of his life. He knew what needed to be done – sent the kitchen staff out of the kitchen, directed someone to call 911, and addressed the issue. We had a visit by the Fire Department and Health Department, and 8 hours later it was cleaned up in time to re-open this morning. Gary and his staff spent most of the night cleaning in order to achieve this.

Gary is an excellent Executive Chef here at the Hilton. He is always putting himself before others and this act of heroism is just another example of his dedication to The Hilton and Shula’s 347. The Catch Me at My Bests were all submitted from his employees who wanted to thank him for what he did.”

— Amanda Robitaille, Human Resources manager

Gary’s teammates caught him at his best! Check out the catches, ranging from hilarious to inspiring.

  • Gary fought off Chuck Norris while putting out the flames in the kitchen!
  • Gary jumped through open flames like Superman and saved the day and out building from a gas fire. He is my new hero!
  • Thank you for fighting off the scary fire monster – The Townspeople

Posted on Aug 22, 2012

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