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“He Would Give the Shirt Off His Back…” a Hero’s tale at Hilton Salt Lake City Center.

Scott Lee (A Front Desk Supervisor) was about to leave work around 10:30pm when a guest called down inquiring where he could buy a shirt and tie for his meeting at 7am the next day. It seems he forgot to pack them. Scott did not want to tell him too bad, so he asked him his shirt size. Then mentioned that he might have that size at his house and that he’d call him in 15 minutes when he got home.

On the way to his car, he had the thought to go the uniform room on the 3rd floor. Searching through the blue GSA dress shirts he came across a brand new shirt just his size. Before delivering the shirt to the guest’s room, he stopped by his office to grab one of his backup ties. The look on the guest’s face was awesome! He couldn’t believe it. He mailed the shirt back a couple weeks later with a very nice thank you email.

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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