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Giving Recognition Through Spirit Award Nominations!

With all the wonderful stories happening every day in each department, we were thinking of a way to best highlight all those wonderful stories and how to involve Team Members more in recognizing each other without getting the management involved too much.

The aim was to increase recognition and appreciation of Team Members among themselves.

In the end, we came up with a monthly nomination for our Spirit of Blue Energy Award, nominated and voted for by Team Members only.

How it works:

1.) On monthly basis, one Team Member will be chosen for the Spirit of Blue Energy nomination.
2.) A nomination is only eligible if the nominated Team Member has shown commitment to a minimum of 3 of our 6 Hilton Values.
3.) A nomination has to be explained, by giving examples according to our six Hilton Values (Catch Me at My Best story and general performance).
4.) Each Team Member/department can nominate any Team Member for the award; however, the nominee has to be from a different department.
5.) Each Team Member is eligible to nominate, however HODs are not allowed to nominate (though are allowed to be nominated).
6.) During the last week of the month, all nominations have to be sent back to HR.
7.) During the Blue Energy Committee meeting, all nominations are shared and one Team Member is elected by the Committee members.
8.) The nominee will be announced during our monthly Team Brief and will be awarded with a certificate and a voucher (e.g. Dinner for 2, Voucher for Supermarket shopping, etc.).

It has been proven to be a very motivating idea, as it gives every Team Member a chance to be involved, to participate and to get nominated, and in the end, it gives all of us the chance to recognize and appreciate our stars of the month.

Posted on Aug 3, 2011

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