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Great Ideas to Keep Catch Me at My Best® Fresh!

Need some new ideas for your 2011 Catch Me program? Look no further!

Hampton Inn ATL-Lawrenceville-I-85-Sugarloaf, GA splits the hotel into two Catch Me teams. Each team is made up of members from each department to create a bridge between front and back of house.

Hampton Inn Baltimore/White Marsh, MD encourages Team Members to “catch” each other by attaching a blank Catch Me card to every paycheck handed out during the summer.

Hilton Garden Inn Auburn Riverwatch, ME creates a Catch Me theme every year. One year they had a pirate theme where each department designed their own ships. Another year they had a baseball theme where each department designed their own baseball and jersey.

Homewood Suites Omaha-Downtown, NE has a contest every year to choose the theme of their Catch Me program. One year’s theme was “Catch the Wave,” and the prizes were all beach themed, such as beach towels, beach balls, and sun chairs. In addition, thedepartments named themselves accordingly: the Bruddas (Front Desk/Comp), the Spongers (Housekeeping), the Dudes (Maintenance), and the Kahunas (Managers). The monthly winners from each department were dubbed Rippers, the final department winners were Mega Rippers, and the Team Member with the most overall catches… the Big Kahuna!

Hampton Inn & Suits Ephrata – Mountain Springs, PA selects a different “captain” each year to bring new ideas to the program. Prizes change from year to year, and instead of telling Team Members what the prizes are, weekly winners choose their own from a prize board.

Each time one of the 1,800 Team Members was “caught” at Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa, HI, they received a goody bag containing a treat and their Catch Me card.

During Catch Me, the General Manager at Hilton Naples, FL keeps a pocket full of wrapped hard candy and surprises the Housekeeping and Maintenance and Engineering Teams with treats when she passes them in the halls.

Homewood Dallas/Addison, TX tallies its Catch Me cards every day, and the Team Member with the most cards gets to choose an ice cream, soda, or candy from the Suite Shop.

Hampton Inn Waterloo, IA passed a few “super star” pins among its TMs. They started off by giving the pins to a few people who had been caught. They got to proudly wear the pin for a day and then were required to catch someone else the next day and pass the pin on to them. This way, Team Members were encouraged to catch someone every day in order to keep the pin moving.

Team Members are “caught” at Embassy Suites Myrtle Beach – Oceanfront Resort, SC, their names are entered into a giant fish bowl. A name is drawn at the end of each week, and the winner receives a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. At the end of the program, a Grand Prize winner is drawn and receives a $250 Wal-Mart gift card.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport, WA, had a traveling catcher’s mitt, and it was a big hit! They filled it with goodies, and the mitt was awarded to the manager that handed out the most catches for that week. The next week, the mitt was filled with a prize from the previous week’s manager and passed along to the new winner.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Burlington, VA, celebrates winners monthly and mixes up the winning criteria. Both a front and back of house winner are celebrated each month, as well as the Team Members who did the catching.

Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown, NC, created a different theme for each month of Catch Me. June was Catch of the Day (all prizes involved food), July was Catch the Cash (all prizes involved money), and August was Catch a Break (all prizes involved relaxing).

Embassy Suites Temecula Valley Wine Country, CA, lets its monthly winners choose a prize from a “Price is Right” board. In addition, the Human Resources Team makes sure to read all the exceptional Catch Me cards at team meetings.

Embassy Suites Dallas – Love Field, TX, awards its top Catch Me winner with a yearlong special parking spot. They also have prizes that can be earned throughout the summer with as few as 5 Catch Me cards, such as a “get out of lunch free” card. If Team Members do not want to eat what is available for lunch in the break room, they can order something off the restaurant menu.

To make Catch Me more fun for back of house Team Members, Hilton Akron/Fairlawn, OH, awards every employee who is “caught” with two lottery tickets: one for the winner to keep and one to give to a back of house Team Member who has helped them do their job.

Embassy Suites El Paso, TX, has found that creating competition between departments and letting them choose their own team name makes Catch Me fun and exciting for everyone. Not only does the hotel reward Catch Me winners, but the team with the highest SALT increase each month gets $300 to spend on a special treat, such as an ice cream or pizza party.

Hampton Inn Portland-Airport, OR, creates awards based on the principles of Hampton’s Peak Performance and presents them to Team Members at the end of the summer. The “Top Performer” award goes to both a front and back of house Team Member who receives the most Catch Me cards. The “Natural Energy” award goes to the Team Member who has the most energy in all they do. Last but not least, the “Juice the Jam” award goes to the person who continually takes tough situations and makes them positive for both guests and fellow Team Members.

Hilton Toledo, OH, gives its Grand Prize Winner a One Year Membership to the nationally acclaimed Toledo Zoo. With this Membership, the Grand Prize Winner will “feel the recognition” they deserve each time they visit the Zoo with family or friends.

DoubleTree by Hilton Alana Waikiki Hotel, HI, holds a Catch Me pep rally for its Team Members in one of the hotel banquet rooms and has food brought in from a local restaurant so all Team Members have the opportunity to participate. Team Members cast a fishing pole with a clothespin over a portable screen, and on the other side, a manager clips on a dollar store prize for the Team Member to reel in. Along with the prize comes a Catch Me card to encourage every Team Member to catch someone at their best by the end of the day.

Every Monday, Hampton Inn & Suites Lake George, NY, awards Team Members with small tokens for each Catch Me card received the previous week. The hotel was divided into two divisions: Head of House (Breakfast, Front Desk and Managers) and Heart of House (Laundry and Housekeeping). Each catch in the Heart of House was doubled to make it fair, since Heart of the House does not experience as much guest contact. At the end of the program, the hotel holds an auction and barbecue for the entire team, and the tokens collected throughout the summer can be used as “cash” towards auction items.

Homewood Lexington, KY, has a party at the end of each month with fun games for its Team Members. There have been watermelon seed spitting contests, Moon Walks, and the Homewood Derby—their own version of the Kentucky Derby. The winner of each game gets a special prize, such as horse racing tickets or gas cards and car washes.

Embassy Suites Orlando – Downtown, FL, had a special game for its Team Members called “Dunk John.” Everyone’s Catch Me cards were placed in a hat and names were drawn. The chosen Team Members got to throw a ball to try to dunk John L. Parkinson, their GM, in a dunk tank! He was dunked quite often that day.

In planning for their Catch Me kickoff, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Nashville Downtown, TN, decided they needed more drop boxes for Catch Me cards. Rather than order more plastic boxes, they decided to have a box contest between the different departments of the hotel to create a competition. Five departments participated. The winner was the Housekeeping Team! They created a drop off box that resembled a housekeeper’s cart and won a pizza party for the entire department.

Hilton Garden Inn Green Bay, WI, had a Catch Me kickoff party with its entire team. They had a cookout, discussed the program, and then sent some Catch Me balloons flying into the air.

Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis St. Paul-Shoreview, MN, had an ice cream sundae kickoff party a week before Catch Me began. At the end of the program, they teamed up with Hampton Inn Minneapolis-St. Paul North, MN, and the managers put on an outdoor feast with steaks, baked potatoes, salads, and desserts.

At the conclusion of the Catch Me program, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix, AZ, holds a Team Member appreciation luncheon with a relay race for prizes. Representatives from each department relay their way through stations such as folding pillow cases, mixing non-alcoholic martinis, loading a bell-cart with luggage, and putting DT cookies into a tin. At the end of the luncheon, each departmental Catch Me leader gets a prize, followed by a grand prize drawing.

Embassy Suites New Orleans – Convention Center, LA, threw a baseball-themed kickoff party. They had hot dogs and chili, nachos and cheese, Cracker Jack®, bubble gum, lemonade, sno-ball baseballs, peanuts, and popcorn. They also had raffle tickets and gave away fun baseball door prizes, including 10 game tickets to the New Orleans Zephyrs baseball team. The party was a big hit, and they continued the Baseball theme for the rest of the program. They had monthly Home Run Winners, Grand Slam Winners, and Best Coach Awards.

Hampton Inn & Suites Ephrata – Mountain Springs, PA, incorporated two new contests into their Catch Me program. They created Random Fridays, where a random winner was drawn weekly to win a $10 Turkey Hill (ice cream) gift card. They also created Turtle-y Awesome, where Team Members who received a “turty-y awesome” catch were rewarded with a Turtle candy bar.

Embassy Suites Detroit – Livonia/Novi, MI, had a fishing theme and selected many winners each month instead of just a couple. The Team Members were excited that there were many ways to win! The awards they created were as follows:

Big Fish:
Award for the Team Member who received the most cards that month.

Big Swimmers:
TMs with the most cards in each department that month were entered into a random drawing.

Finding Nemo:
All Team Members who werenominated by a peer were entered into a random drawing. Both the Team Member and their peer won.

Catch of the Day
Managers will pick the best nomination for someone who really Made A Difference.

Lucky Fish:
All cards submitted for the month will be entered into a random drawing.

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