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Guest Recognition is Key!

Bobbi Trevathan,
Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa-North, FL

We pick a guest of the day from our arrivals list and have a poster ready that reads “We love our Guest of the day John D.” The poster is hand written and decorated. We place the poster on an easel by the front entrance doors. We also have a welcome sign at the front desk announcing they are the guest of the day. They receive a goody bag with 2 waters, candy & chips along with a welcome and thank you card inside. At check out we place the poster under their door with the express check out so they can brag about it when they return home.

Posted on Sep 29, 2010

Topic(s): Mastering CRM - Guest Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

Mary Engel says

The fact that I’m reading and adding replies to some of what I’m reading….I guess you can say I really like my job! We have the same little board, that sets on our table as the guests enter our Hotel.
When speaking to a young lady (about 14 years old) this past summer, she told me her and her family were staying for several weeks. Along with that, she proudly said “We were the guests of the day yesterday”! She seemed so proud of that!

Commented on October 6, 2011

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