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Hampton Hotel GM Says, “Later, Alligators.”

We this idea is pretty cool, but please don’t try at home!

After taking time to help open other properties, Lee Gayle returned to Hampton Inn Mobile-East Bay/Daphne, AL, to find that the hotel’s SALT scores were in a slump.

To motivate his team, Gayle promised to swim in a nearby alligator-infested creek in exchange for improved SALT scores.

“I told the staff that if they could hold under 200, I would swim in the creek. I didn’t think they’d pull it down by 300.” That was in August.

The team took the bait. By early December, Gayle donned a wetsuit. He swam with the gators while his team munched doughnuts on the creek side.

To make improving scores more fun, try offering your team a wager (but try to pick something less daring!)

“There are all kinds of things people can do to improve their SALT scores,” says the fully intact Gayle. “But I think the critical thing, more than any kind of wager, is getting everybody involved. Make it your No. 1 focus and your No. 1 priority to take care of each and every guest.”

Posted on Apr 30, 2012

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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