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Hamptonality and Teamwork Story

The GM and AGM, saved the life of the night auditor at our Hampton Inn Norfolk/Chesapeake property. See story below in an email from night auditor’s family and photo.

Dear Harvey and Page,

My name is David Poling. My brother, Mark, worked for you at the Hampton Inn, Chesapeake. Back in late January Mark didn’t show up for his shift, nor did he call. Joe and Matt became concerned because this was unlike Mark to do this. Mark had good work ethics and was a responsible worker.

I understand Joe and Matt contacted the authorities in the morning to inform them that they felt something might have happened to Mark. Joe and Matt were then advised to wait and see if Mark didn’t show up again for his next shift. Your 2 managers remained concerned about Mark and went to his house, themselves.

By communicating with Mark through a window they found out he was on the floor and couldn’t reach the door or phone. They called for a rescue vehicle and Mark was taken to the hospital. It was found that Mark had a stroke about 26 hours earlier.

If Joe and Matt hadn’t acted when they did. If they had waited to see if Mark showed up for his next shift, then Mark probably wouldn’t have survived. Mark had a ruptured carotid artery and a piece of the clot or artery tore loose and became lodged further up in the brain blocking blood flow. It was quite serious and the outcome could have been much worse had these men not felt as leaders that they should take initiative action to watch out for a co-worker.

I wanted you to know they saved my brother’s life. I’ve noted for myself over the years that the best bosses I’ve had have been the ones that do more than just their jobs. They take an active interest in the people they work with. I hope they’re an example of how everyone should work together.

They’re not the only ones that have shown exemplary work ethic. If it hadn’t been for Marcy’s knowledge of the system, what applies, what doesn’t apply, what works, what doesn’t work; without her help and understanding of what we needed to do, have, prepare we could have been in a terrible spot as far as how the health and other benefits worked. We’re grateful she was there for Mark.

Everyone at the Hampton Inn was very kind, very helpful, very concerned for Mark, for us, for the situation we were in. The desk, housekeeping, maintenance would always check on how things were going and if there was anything they could do to help.

Mark has been to Maryview Acute Rehab Center and Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital for inpatient rehabilitation and is now in his house completing in-home rehab therapy. He has very far to go in order to recover use of his left arm and leg. We hope to see him walk again and regain a strong thought process.

Melinda, my wife, and I are going home to Michigan on Tuesday and taking Mark with us. He’ll be going to Thunderbay Therapy and Sports Medicine facility to continue with outpatient therapy.

I asked Joe if we could bring lunch to the hotel for the staff working there on Monday so they know what we and Mark think about them.

It will probably be just Chick-Fil-A. They deserve so much more from us. We’re truly grateful to everyone for what they’ve done for Mark.

David – brother
Melinda – sister-in-law
Brad – brother
Harry – father
Jessica – niece
Philip – nephew
and of course, Mark

Posted on May 30, 2018

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