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At Hilton Garden Inn Maple Grove, When Life Gives Them Lemons—They Celebrate Lemonade Day!

At Hilton Garden Inn Maple Grove, Front Office Manager and Recognition Leader, Nicole Osvold, swears that fun leads to a happier, more productive team. For Lemonade Day on August 20, Nicole posted neon pink flyers around the hotel, thanking Team Members for their “refreshing” hospitality. She also served up cold glasses of delicious lemonade—the same color as the flyers! Everyone had a blast! Sure, maybe some Team Members rolled their eyes at first—but Nicole knows they loved it. “If they weren’t working that day, they were sad to miss out,” she says. “People may think I’m silly, but they also think, ‘No one’s ever done this for us before.’”

20140820_181901 Housekeeping Week Lemonade IMG_4367

Posted on Nov 6, 2014

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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