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Hilton the Hague, Netherlands, Collect Towels for Sick Seals.

It all started when a lady passing by our Hilton the Hauge, Netherlands, and thought, “A hotel – they should have many towels.” She asked our portors if we have any old towels. The porter asked Zoraida, the Housekeeping manager. The lady introduced herself as a representative of Zeehonden Creche, an organization in Pieterburen that nurses sick and abandoned seals. She explained that Zeehonden Creche goes through a lot of old towels every day.

Unfortunately, our towels are leased. But Zoraida like the seal rescue initiative so much that she started a campaign in the hotel. Team Members drafted a memo asking for old towels.

Everyone donated plenty of old towels! Zeehonden Creche was very grateful for our commitment to hospitality and Now.

Posted on Jun 21, 2012

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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