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Hold On! Five Things to Make Sure You’re Ready for Catch Me.

There’s only one week left before Catch Me at My Best® kicks off on June 1. Are you ready? Before you say yes, go through our checklist and make sure you have everything prepared to make 2012 the best Catch Me yet.

1. Enter your roster.

Be sure to enter your entire team roster at your hotel-specific Tally Site. Once you have entered all of your Team Members’ names and departments, you’ll be all set to enter catches when they start rolling in.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Tally Site. It’s a great tool to help you track catches, set and measure goals, and compare totals with brands across the globe.

2. Decorate your bulletin board.

You’re going to need a cool space to post all of the memorable, funny, or unique catches so everyone can see. Get creative and decorate a bulletin that hangs in a public space – think the lobby or break room. Find inexpensive dressings like contact paper, borders, and stickers at any craft supply store.

Try switching up the bulletin board’s theme each month. Feature rods and reels for June’s “Catches of the Day!” or put up some baseballs and gloves to celebrate your “All-Star Catchers.”

3. Prep water bottles and candy bars.

We’ve created brand-specific water bottle labels and candy bar wrappers. Print off these labels and surprise your Team Members with water bottles and candy bars. It’s a refreshingly sweet way to spread recognition!  Just select your brand under “Customizable Recognition Tools.”

4. Gather goodies.

Make sure you have plenty of swag ready to reward your Catch Me champions and spread the recognition wealth. It doesn’t have to cost a lot – think certificates, candy, sodas, or inexpensive gift cards.

5. Set out cards.

Can’t have Catch Me without the Catch Me cards! Before June 1, print and set out Catch Me cards in every guest room, front desk, hotel restaurant, and public areas. Make them easy to spot so guests and Team Members know just where to go to spread recognition.

Bonus tip: Get excited!

Catch Me at My Best® has been a recognition staple in hotels for more than 20 years. Every summer, SALT scores skyrocket while Team Members have fun serving up excellent hospitality and getting recognized for their efforts.

Above all, make sure Catch Me is a positive recognition experience for you and your team. The rest will fall into place!

Posted on May 30, 2012

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