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Hospitality Incentive Program Improves SALT!

We created a guest comments incentive program to motivate Team Members and push the boundaries of the service quality and guest satisfaction. The main objective is to improve SALT results by making Team Members aware of service performance and motivating team members to give a better service by creating a friendly competition within the outlets.

First, guest comment cards are given to Team Members on a daily basis. Second, the comments for each day are summarized. Last, the Team Member with the best comments of the day is recognized with a thank you card, presented by a supervisor or captain.

A weekly and monthly winner are also chosen, based on who has received the most thank you cards. The Hospitable Team Member of the Month receives a certificate of recognition and monetary reward.

This program has resulted in improved awareness and motivation among Team Members and increased SALT scores in the Food & Beverage categories.

Posted on Jan 16, 2011

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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