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Hotel Jeopardy at Hampton Inn & Suites Ephrata – Mountain Springs, PA.

Hampton Inn & Suites Ephrata – Mountain Springs, PA

We play Hotel Jeopardy at every all-team meeting. We just had one last week (I usually do it annually in April) – attached is the sheet with answers. I LOVE to train, and this is a “fun” way to learn. I like to say I trick people into learning by playing games. It works! It’s all about relevant items they need to know. I always say there’s so much pressure on a new hire that you can’t expect them to retain everything, so this is reinforcement. We sometimes play it at award celebrations, too (like if someone wins the Spirit Award), just to keep the items fresh on everyone’s minds.

We divide the Team into two lines. Someone picks a category, and I ask a question. Either team can answer by beeping in (I use bicycle horns) and if they need help, they can ask someone behind them. So it gets everyone involved.

Once the question is answered, the two Team Members step to the back of the line. The person who was behind the person who answered correctly gets to pick the next category.

It’s very competitive and a lot of fun, and at the end, it’s always a tie. 🙂

Download Hotel Jeopardy

Posted on Apr 28, 2011

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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