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Housekeepers Sponsor Engineering Week at Hampton Inn Tropicana.

Housekeeping is sponsoring the Engineering week as they do so much for us throughout the year! We have put together an agenda of fun with surprise moments for each engineer:

Tues 1/19 KICK OFF: During the Engineering Employee meeting, Natacha will bring a “tool” cake and celebrate Wally’s One Year Anniversary! Management will greet the team as they enter and thank them for what they do. ($0.00)
Wed 1/20: Wally will tell Marco to go to a VIP PM room. As many Team Members as we can coordinate to be in the room will surprise him with a card and a $10 In & Out Burger gift card for lunch. ($10.00)
Pop Tart buffet for Philip (who loves Pop Tarts!) in the break room with card from the team. ($20.00)
Claudia will give Tino a room call, and the team will be in a room to surprise him with a card and $10 In & Out burger gift card for dinner. (10.00)
Thu 1/21: Ellyn will call George to run the shuttle, but instead the shuttle will be full of employees thanking him with a card and $10 In & Out Burger gift card. ($10.00)
Fri 1/22: A table at breakfast will be decorated with a card and $10 In & Out Burger Card, and we will surprise Rae with breakfast as he begins his security shift. ($10.00)

I used the recognition site to find the engineering cards and then converted the picture to make fabulous 11 x 17 cards for them that the entire team is signing.
—Natacha Koybasi, Hampton Inn Tropicana

Posted on Nov 9, 2016

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