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Housekeeping Week at Hampton Inn Elizabeth City, NC.

Sunday: We distributed the week’s itinerary (below) and first gift of the week!!!!!!! Housekeepers were given the below itinerary and a Housekeeping week t-shirt and water bottle.

Monday: Housekeeping Royalty Party at noon!!!! Housekeepers brought jeans/shorts and sneakers to change into! We had some races as well as a lunch party! Everyone wore the gift given on Sunday!

Tuesday: Everyone received a special gift Bag in the morning! They also received a sweet treat at 11am! The GM and Executive Housekeeper delivered Cupcakes and Cake to each Housekeeper.

Wednesday: Housekeeping Rodeo Hoedown Throw Down at 2PM! We had some fun games! Housekeepers rode a stick horse, had to hula-hoop and then make a rollaway!

Thursday: Something to show you You’ve Got It! We also had sausage biscuits in the AM!

Friday: Catch Me at My Best Dinner at 5PM. Awards were given for Catch Me and Housekeeper of the year Award!

Saturday: Everyone was given a picture frame to commemorate the week! Inside was a photo of them during the Housekeeping Royalty Party on Monday and a photo of the Housekeeping staff.


Posted on Oct 1, 2010

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week, Recent Recognition Ideas

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