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What an Amazing Week!

Heather Cowell,
Hilton Omaha, NE

Housekeeping week is an internationally celebrated week in hospitality, September 13th thru the 18th, and our team thoroughly enjoyed themselves the whole week with lots of food and fun events!

Sunday they were welcomed into the week with donuts to kick off their morning and candy bars for their afternoon break.

Monday they were given the ‘Stars’, star cookies that is, baked by Asst. Director Heather Cowell and later enjoyed a treat from the past Root Beer Floats and home grown watermelon hosted by the Front Office Team.

Tuesday was a day of relaxation and pampering during their morning and afternoon breaks they received chair massages and a ice cream social afternoon snack.

Their Hump day was more of a fun day and the team was able to get to know their hotel a little more by completing a fun scavenger hunt throughout the hotel. The winning team was gifted a prize drawing for a 5 day lunch ticket for the employee cafeteria or a car wash!

Thursday was a day of fullness! The Sales team hosted a spicy breakfast burrito break and a Prime Rib Luncheon on our Employee Appreciation Luncheon. This was a special day for the team in the morning meeting they received an important call from the other Asst. Director Jeremy Edens, who is proudly serving our country all the way over in Iraq, who wished them well and thanked them for their hard work and dedication. The team was filled with excitement by Jeremy’s call and warm wishes.

Friday they were able to work some of those calories off by throwing some water balloons at their management and supervisor team and made their own caramel apples.

If you look in the dictionary under the word ‘Housekeeping’ you will find the meaning to be: the routine tasks that must be done in order for a system to function or to function efficiently. This definition holds true for the Hilton Omaha’s Housekeeping department, from our Laundry Department, Room Attendants, Housemen, Public Area Team, and Turndown Attendant, day in and out they are a vital function to keep our hotel to Hilton’s Brand Standards and 4 diamond shine!

Thank you to all the team members for their hard work throughout the year and especially during their very special week of celebration.

Posted on Oct 8, 2009

Topic(s): Celebration Plans, Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week

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