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Housekeeping Week “Festival” at Hilton Chongqing.

Housekeeping Week is here, and Hilton Chongqing designed a wonderful series of activities to celebrate our “Festival”.

In order to let all team members know about Housekeeping Week, we invited our Housekeeping team members and our General Manger, Mr. Jean-Philippe Jacopin, to take fantastic videos and photos. We are very glad to share our activity plan with you:

1. Playing videos about hotel guest rooms, Housekeeping training, and we invited our General Manager, Mr. Jean-Philippe, Jacopin to make a bed.

2. Placing lucky draw box outside of the team member restaurant; General Manager and 4 Directors issue mystery gifts to Housekeeping team members.

3. Bed-making competition

4. Shirt-folding experience

5. Flower-arranging training

6. Department heads select 10 service leaders among Housekeeping team members. General Manager and 4 Directors award the winners and our General Manager, Mr. Jean-Philippe Jacopin, gives comments about this celebration.

7. Showing videos and pictures, reviewing the wonderful moments.

Posted on Sep 19, 2011

Topic(s): Celebration Plans, International Housekeeping Week, Recent Recognition Ideas

Jina Tang says

We had a fantastic Housekeeping Week!

Commented on September 21, 2011

Annie says

Cheers to our lovely HSKP Staff and great HSKP week!

Commented on September 21, 2011

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