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Housekeeping Week is a Family Affair.

Tom Kasper,
Homewood Suites Fargo, ND

For International Housekeeping Week this year we did a couple of things. We did a cookout for the Housekeeping team on a Sunday afternoon. Some of them brought their children so they could swim and then we all enjoyed dinner together. We also borrowed an idea from another hotel. We had a masseuse come to the hotel to give chair massages to the housekeeping team and other staff members. Everybody loved it. (I was a little sore the next day!)

We actually try to do things throughout the year to recognize the housekeepers. Every few months the hotel will treat them to lunch (pizza, subs) and the Executive Housekeeper will have potlucks so they can try cuisine from different countries.

Posted on Sep 28, 2009

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week

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