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Housekeeping Week Plans at Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa, Egypt. You’re All Invited!

Sunday 11/9/2011: Taking a Photo for the HK Staff with the GM, the DO and the Executive Housekeeper for one week. The photo will be placed in our staff canteen.

Monday 12/9/2011: Blind room cleaning and bed making competition, the room attendant will be guided by 1 laundry and 1 blue energy team member. The best Performer Will get a T-Shirt with photo of the event on it.

Tuesday 13/9/2011: Putting all the name of the housekeeping in a bag; Draw a name and the Winner will have the opportunity to shadow his manager for one day, attend the morning briefing, having breakfast with him; inspect the rooms, Communicate with Front office & Maintenance.

Wednesday 14/9/2011: Competition for the best decorated room, the winner will have the Opportunity to win a T-Shirt with the picture of the decorated room on it. the jury will be from the blue energy committee.

Thursday 15/9/2011: Stretching section on the grass leaded by our lovely Recreation supervisor “Abdel Salam”. Followed by a racing in the hotel entrance, the winner will get a T-Shirt with his photo on it. The jury will be from the Blue Energy Committee.

Friday 16/9/2011: Towel folding + Public Area Spotless competition. The winner will have a T-Shirt with picture from the event on it. The jury will be from the Blue Energy Committee.

Saturday 17/9/2011: Distributing Thank you card signed by the GM for all The HK, Laundry and recreation team member, then outing for the HK team.

You are all invited…Let the fun begin!!!

Posted on Sep 11, 2011

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