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How Loudly Can You Smile?

One hotel’s strategy for making connections with guests.

How do you judge if a hotel is actively making a connection with its guests? SALT scores are a good indicator. Bill Mish of Doubletree Hotel Chattanooga, TN, says his hotel is in the top 3% in that area — and they have their sights set on the top.

Two of their team members — Damon Scott and Amy Tamburello — developed a year-long program called “Can They Hear Your Smile?” Focused on improving Helpfulness scores, the program encourages team members to connect with guests. Damon says, “The program empowers our team to resolve guest issues and, above all, maintain the level of warmth in their interactions so that the guests can literally ‘hear’ their smile.”

In this program, department Helpfulness scores are regularly monitored. An interdepartmental competition keeps them focused on pushing their score higher, and a travelling trophy goes to the weekly winner.

The results of their efforts: YTD Helpfulness scores are in the 80’s, 10 points above brand average!

With a price tag of just $50, the program has provided a lot of bang for the buck. “Can They Hear Your Smile?” has become a hotel-wide rallying cry. And the hotel has plans to make the program a big part of International Customer Service Week.

For more details, or if you want to try a similar idea at your hotel, watch their “Can They Hear Your Smile?” video.

Posted on Sep 30, 2010

Topic(s): Mastering CRM - Guest Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

gwen says

I would like to know more about this program

Commented on April 23, 2012

Cindy Fujioka says

Thank you for sharing! Competition between teams is always fun. I would like to learn more program details too. Who is the contact person and contact information at your property?

Commented on April 26, 2012

Maria says

this idea is great! I am trying to implement a competition like this in our property, I am a GSA and would love to learn more details about it. Who can I contact?

Commented on March 22, 2013

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