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“How Many Rack Rooms Can You Book?” Contest Helps Hotel Exceed Revenue Goals.

Greetings from the Homewood Suites in Augusta GA.

In the middle of January my General Manager approached me and said, we are not going to make budget this month. We will be short by a few thousand dollars if we don’t get some better business on the books. Our hotel is predominantly a business where our business guest is the bread and butter. We couldn’t go down the first month of the year being in the red zone with our revenue so I decided that we could use some motivation at the front desk. We have a communication board behind the front desk, it is a white dry erase board where we put “Motivational Quotes”, important information for housekeeping such as late check outs, stay overs, rooms that need to be cleaned at particular times and lost and found information. I took a corner of the board and wrote “Contest – How many Rack Rooms can you book for January” (Put tally marks). Then listed each of their names. I verbally explained the rules to them that as long as the rate was greater than the lowest rack rate we would take and still call it a good rate that rate would count. Notice that there was not mention of a prize or what the prize would be.

Anita Wheeler decided that she had the perfect way to tally the contest and she printed out the confirmation letter for each of her rack rooms. Before I knew it each of my Team Members each had a tally mark and the competition was brutal. I could hear them selling rooms on the phone. I over heard Anita telling a guest “Yes, you can get XXX.XX at the Holiday Inn Express, but they are an exterior property, and while they may offer you breakfast, we will not only give you breakfast but you can enjoy our Welcome Home reception where we will feed you a light meal, beer, wine, tea or lemonade and a salad and that too is included in your room.” Talk about taking that I AM Sales to the next level! Anita Wheeler and Samantha Smith (the newest addition to our team) were tied on the 31st of December each of them booking 5 rack rooms. On the 31st we had a cancellation and Anita got the 6th rack room and ultimately won the contest. We had some left over Certificates for Applebees that we will be giving to her for the effort she put in to win the contest.

Not only did the contest get the employees to embrace the I AM Sales culture they were a driving force behind the hotel beating their budget by quite a bit more than the loss had been! We couldn’t be more proud of our associates!

Posted on Feb 25, 2011

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Moderator says

Great idea Lisa! This is something that any hotel can replicate.

Commented on February 25, 2011

Dawn Emerson says

This a GREAT idea! Way to show the Homewood Suites I AM SALES CULTURE! Nice Job Augusta Team!

Commented on June 29, 2011

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