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A Green Achievers Initiative That Bumped Up SALT Scores.

If you want to see more green envelopes appear in your SALT Responses try the Green Achievers Initiative!

It cost-effective, increases team morale, motivation and most importantly SALT scores. The Green Achiever Initiative was developed by the Executive Housekeeper to boost declining SALT scores, motivate the Housekeeping team and recognize them for their hard-work and commitment.

Team members are recognized and rewarded when a green envelope appears on the SALT Responses. The team members that serviced the room prior to the guests arrival, serviced the room throughout the guests stay and the turn down service team member receive a star next to their name on the Green Achievers board. The team member who receives the most stars next to their name at the end of the month is the months Green Achiever. The team member is recognized at the monthly Team Celebration and rewarded with a gift voucher, a Green Achievers pin (which they must wear for the month) and their photo placed on the board.

Since the initiative was introduced in early 2009, Housekeeping’s SALT Scores have dramatically increased. Year to date the Hospitality of Housekeeping Staff has increased 7.5%, Cleanliness of Guest Room 9% and the Cleanliness of Bathroom increasing 8.8%.

For the initiative to be successful you must regularly communicate and keep your team informed about the Hotel’s SALT Scores, encourage them to be at their best and recognise their commitment and hard-work!! You can also promote the Green Achievers Initiative by decorating the Housekeeping Office green!

Go Green!

Posted on Jan 7, 2010

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Samantha Sparke says

Hilton Cairns Housekeeping Team

The 2009 Green Achievers

Commented on January 7, 2010

Samantha Sparke says

The Housekeeping Office “Going Green”

Commented on January 7, 2010

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