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How We Recognize Different Departments!

GSA’s, Meal Hosts & Hostesses & Maintenance are so critical to our success. As our guests first point of contact, they/we have to be able to leave personal concerns at the door when they/we come in and shake off stress throughout the day so it doesn’t carry over into the next conversation or phone call. In addition, they are multitaskers. We can recognize them/us by:
1. Selecting a GSA of the week by checking reservations for details such as phone numbers, email addresses, company names and what they are in the area for, then, rewarding them with a certificate posted for everyone to see.
2. Reward leads that develop into business, from all departments by training them to ask the right questions during a reservation booking, C/I or C/O, at breakfast or while cleaning a room, with gift cards to restaurants or stores we have tradeouts with.
3. Regular thank yous with their favorite candy bar, ice cream or snack, labeled “Thank You!” or “Job Well Done!”

Posted on Aug 13, 2010

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, Front Desk Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

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