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Spotlighting Our Hilton Worldwide Values — and Our Valued Team Members.

With the launch of the new corporate identity and Hilton Worldwide values to inspire us, we have initiated a program called SPOTLIGHT to recognize the team members who live these values and, to quote Mr. Chris Nassetta, “continue to demonstrate the kind of work ethic, passion and energy that translates into exceptional experiences for our guests.”

In keeping with Hilton Garden Inn’s commitment to recruit, retain and develop an exceptional workforce, our team member recognition program enables us to recognize TMs for their outstanding contribution and commitment.

During challenging times, when we are all asked to do more with less, the importance of acknowledging and appreciating our team members cannot be overestimated. And it is during such challenging times that team members prove their mettle by bringing to life the six Hilton Worldwide Values:

Hospitality: We are passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences
Integrity: We do the right thing, all the time
Leadership: We are leaders in our industry and in our communities
Teamwork: We are team players in everything we do
Ownership: We are the owners of our actions and decisions
Now: We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline

We have introduced SPOTLIGHT – the program which recognizes outstanding team members who consistently demonstrate passion and commitment, going above and beyond to help meet the goals of our organization – and thereby, prove themselves the torchbearers of these values.

A notice board with a focus-light on top is being designed and the deserving team member’s photograph and write-up would be put up on the Spotlight Board, an e-mail recognizing the entry is sent to all with the details. A note recognizing the team member’s contribution is put in the Personnel file. A certificate designed especially for SPOTLIGHT is given to the team member! For we all agree end of the day, for all one does, “Recognition Matters!”

Posted on Feb 1, 2010

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Recent Recognition Ideas

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