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How’s Catch Me Going? Turn Up the Heat with These New Best Practices.

Welcome to Catch Me 2014! How did you kick off your program? Send us your Best Practices for the chance to win prizes. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite new Best Practices:

Catch Me Themes & Kickoffs
“Being the lead catcher for our hotel, I came up with a hotel theme—Monopoly! Each department will choose a space to represent their department. We will displaycatches for our hotel and keep track of how many tallies we receive. I have challenged my Team Members that for every catch they receive, to turn around and catch someone else!” – Jenny Clements, Embassy Suites Portland – Downtown


“To create a buzz around the hotel, we decorated the Team Member restaurant with a message of ‘Catch Me at My Best.’ The Team Members were amazed to see the huge message, and became excited about the upcoming Catch Me season. We’re looking forward to beating last year’s tally of 468 catches!” – Nikhil Nangia, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Gurgaon – New Delhi NCR, India


“We rolled out Catch Me at My Best with an ice cream social. The entire team was invited to enjoy building their own ice cream sundae, and everyone was entered into a drawing to win Catch Me prizes.” — Ellen Schlifke, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cleveland Downtown – Lakeside, OH

“Our hotel just opened its doors, so not many Team Members are aware of Catch Me or how they can participate. So we dressed up as pirates to surprise them and Argh! Catch Them Off Guard!! We explained the program, how, who, and when they can nominate. They all had a great impression and were definitely motivated to start catching other Team Members.” – Alejandra Martinez, Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe, NM

“This year is our first year doing a theme for Catch Me. During a recent Team Member meeting, we took a vote and decided on “Fishing For a Compliment.” We have fishermen for the Team Members who MAKE catches, and fish for those who are caught. We have decorated our break room, and will add a fish for each person who is caught.” – Autumn Velazquez, Hampton Inn Geneva, NYpirates_6-4

“To kick off Catch Me at My Best 2014, the GM and Deputy Manager went out of their daily routine and spent a morning making cupcakes for the entire team! The best way to introduce this year’s program is topping cupcakes with a Catch Me button!” — Victor van der Knaap, Hampton by Hilton Amsterdam / Arena Boulevard, AmsterdamVictor van der Knaap

“Although Colorado is a landlocked state, we are taking our Team Members to the ocean for this season of Catch Me at My Best! Here’s how we got our team excited.” — Karina Woodka, Embassy Suites Denver-Downtown/Convention Center, CO


Catch Me Prizes
“To “kick off” our Catch Me contest, we have a large bulletin on display in the Team Member hallway. Our theme is “Summer Time in the City of Bangor.” The first Team Member to be caught by a guest in each department will win a beach towel and a chance for Waterfront concert tickets. Everyone caught by a guest all summer will have their name entered into a special drawing for a set of tickets, gift cards, candy, and even cash.” – Lynn Hunt, Hilton Garden Inn Bangor, ME

Games and Celebrations
“On Fun Friday, Team Members need to act out a particular scenario where they earned a catch. They should do this without uttering a single word. The rest of the team needs to guess the scenario and the value exhibited by the Team Member.” — Nalini GP Mathur, Hilton Jaipur, India.

Catching Back-of-House Team Members
“We divide all Team Members into four teams, with Heart of House Team Members split equally with Front of House Team Members and our Management team sprinkled in. Because DoubleTree by Hilton is celebrating the Year of the Cookie, each of our four teams has a “Cookie” name. Each team gets their own poster with their team roster on it.” – Sarah Martinez, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Charlotte, NC

“Each team is made up of different departments, so individuals will interact with Team Members they may not normally speak to. We have a monthly Team Member lunch where we had all Team Members sit at the same table and come up with a team named based on a flower (Portland is known as the Rose City). The teams will compete to see who can receive and make the most catches. At the end of each month, the team who has given and received the most will win a US $5 gift card for each Team Member, plus bragging rights.” — Eric Peluschenko, Hilton Garden Inn Portland/Lake Oswego, OR

Posted on Jun 6, 2014

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