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HR Recognition Party in the Olympic Season

As concluding event of the Rio Olympic Games was coming, we ushered in HR recognition party on August 22nd. To show our support to Olympic spirit, this time we arranged the party in the Health Club. At the beginning, General Manager Steve awarded certificate to the Jerry Li and Rita Hu who was the hotel Hero of the Month. Kinglaw Wang, FO Team Member who was working for HWW for 5 years, General Manager Steve also awarded him the pin and certificate. Then HR recognition part was come. To reinforce the cooperation around all departments, from this year we will arrange departmental cross recognition. Therefore, the department which recognize HR is FIN! Candy Jin, as the representative from FIN department, gave us a funny talk show about HR’s daily work. After that we had an interesting game with all HR and FIN Team Members together. All HR Team Members received well-prepared gifts form FIN department and we all liked them very much. At the end of the party, we had 30 minutes Yoga in the Gym to relieve the pressure. We are HR, We are Hilton, We are hospitality!

Posted on Sep 1, 2016

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