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Housekeeping Week at Hilton Prague Old Town.

We have shortened the week to 5 working days and it has been just enough during the busy operation.

Day 1 – Opening
Our entire HSK team came to meeting room and all available team members from other departments. Opening was limited to one hour and therefore time management has been controlled. We had 3 short games:
1: “Mummy making” – two people chosen from non-HSK. 2 groups made out of HSK team. Each group had to make their Mummy. Once done; Mummies hed to unwrap themselves.
2: “Empty toiletries throw” – Differently used or empty guest toiletries were thrown into the rubbish bin. Again same two groups used.
3: “What’s in the bag” – Guest supplies placed into the shoe bag and again two groups of mixed participants. They had to remember by touching and not looking the items, which were placed in the bag and than they had to write it down.

Day 2 – Extra bed making +run
Three groups made out of all departments from the hotel & cluster team + each group had HSK advisor. Three EB had to be made as per the example. Once done we have moved to ‘underground’ where we have long corridor – just perfect for the run – timekeeping done by GM’s.

Day 3 – Window cleaning
It was time to clean windows of our training room. Team made as from previous day – but different people. It was so good that we got so excited and we even cleaned windows from passing cars! I have made some money and donated to Pakistan Flood Relief.

Day 4 – Stripping room
Perfect day for help up in the floors. Fully booked day, so team were stripping the rooms from rubbish and dirty linen.

Day 5 – Closing
Just a celebration! Whole HSK team joined and celebrated HSK KING & QUEEN! They were chosen by the team itself – helpfulness, friendliness, flexibility….were taken in consideration. King & Queen won two night stay in Hilton Dresden in Germany (2 hours by train – different country & HILTON!). All other HSK team has been receiving THANK YOU certificate, which was used from this web page and certificate to cake shop + bag of goodies. And even more! – we have received a different presents from our sponsors and those were picked as a lottery – everbody receoived something (Pans for cooking; toasters; iron; hair dryer; shampoos;….) Participants of the games received hand-drawn T-Shirt. At the end I have to mention that clothes and crowns for the King & Queen were made by my son and his friend in the kindergarten (3-5 years old kids:)

The HSK week was great!!!! and it will be remembered – it was very good topic in our smoking room.

See our pictures below. For more pics, visit our facebook page.

Posted on Sep 26, 2010

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