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A Great Idea for Family Visits from Hampton Inn Rock Hill, SC.

I had a lady visit with her family. The lady came down to get some change. She told me that one of her sons had lost his tooth, and she needed money for him. I decided to create a little note from the Tooth Fairy herself and put it under the room door. The next night, they were still here. When they came in from being out all day, the first thing I heart was the kids saying, “He’s still here! Ask him, Mom, ask him.” Later, the mother comes down and told me that she just loved the letter. The kids were soooooo excited and wanted to know how I knew the Tooth Fairy. When you hear something like this, just writing a letter to the guest will make them happy—even it is silly sometimes.

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

Recognition Team says

Great going, Chuck! Way to add a little magic to our guests’ stay.

Commented on February 25, 2014

nafise says

This is the kind of idea that comes from the love of one’s job. There is a huge difference between those who just finish their obligations, and those who do their obligations with joy 🙂

Commented on March 16, 2014

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