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Impacting SALT by Empowering Team Members.

Phyllis Leath,
Embassy Suites Alexandria – Old Town, VA

I believe that empowering an team member, wheter at the Front Desk, Comp Services, Housekeeping or Engineering is a great way to impact SALT. When a guest has a question about his bill and how to correct it, the team member should not have to get a Manager to correctly the problem. Make the decision, correct the problem and offer a Complimentary Dinner in the restaurant for their troubles. They have waited long enough to talk to someone, why make them wait another five minutes.

The same with housekeeping, if your guest has an issue with your suite – go to the CRM kit in your department and place a nice amenity with an apology card in the suite ready to welcome them when they return for the evening. I know I would like to have a mug with hot chocolate waiting for me.

SALT is one of my passions and being on the CARE committee at our property I am interested in ways to improve customer service at our property. With suite renovations starting next month and going on for about two months we are really going to have to kick it up a notch to make sure our guest are comfortable, happy, satisfied so that they will return to us in the future.

Posted on Oct 29, 2009

Topic(s): SALT Boosting Ideas

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