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Improve SALT Scores With Healthy “Competition.”

Nancy Wilson,
Hilton Garden Inn West Edmonton, AB

We found that Healthy “competition” is the best way to gain positive results. After we had our “So You Want to be a SALT Star” game show at the hotel to educate all our team members on the true meaning of SALT, we decided that a healthy competition between departments focused on affecting the overall scores would be fun. We made a “SALT cupboard” and placed the names of the four departments easily tracked on the surverys. For every 9 & 10 a department received they received one SALT package into their SALT shaker – for every score between 1 – 8 they receive one PEPPER package in their pepper shaker. At end of the month the department that has the most SALT minus PEPPER was the winner! (TOTAL SALT – PEPPER = SCORE).

At the end of the month the department with the most SALT goes out with the GM & AGM for a night out on the town. Last month we took the Front Desk department to the local comedy club (the entry tickets were donated by the comedy club). This month the winner will go with us to the local CORN MAZE for some out door fun. The four departments involved are Housekeeping, Front Desk, Resturant and Kitchen. We have the SALT cupboard hanging up in the Staff room, for everybody to see. This allows for a lot discussion, fun and the ol’ competitiveness in everyone has kicked in.


Posted on Oct 8, 2009

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

Trish Kootstra says

Love this idea!!! I would like to hear more about the game

Commented on December 3, 2009

Nancy says

just click on the link above saying “so you want to be a salt star” and it will bring you right the description along with the questions we asked. Good luck!

Commented on December 3, 2009

Shannon says

I am wanting to try this at our hotel….very cute!!! Now if only I can find the hanging cupboard!

Commented on December 28, 2009

Christie says

Wow! This is a great idea! I can’t wait to get things started. Thank you for sharing!

Commented on January 25, 2010

Jennifer Guzior says

Nancy, I have started a version of the salt competition but I’m running into some issues. Was wondering if I could discuss this further with you. My email is jennifer.guzior@dimdev.com If you have a couple of minutes to discuss that would be excellent

Commented on February 4, 2010

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