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Incredible Achievements at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences, UAE.

“Best Practice in Sustainability” is yet another topnotch accolade received by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and Dubai The Walk during the First Quarter of Blue Energy. Having won also a Dubai Quality Gold Award, there is no other CSR sustainable and travel and tourism hotel in UAE but HILTON.

Our pillar of success in sustainability has been widely recognized and most admired within the region and community we operate..

From the award winning Candle recycling up to the Sustainability Summit of Q1,we have enlighten and breath life consistently to TRAVEL with PURPOSE.

This Quarter 2, our EARTH HOUR MONITORS TEAM, organized sustainability arm of Blue Energy to go beyond the Earth Hour gained importance in order to save our planet Earth.From the months of March, April, May and June, a world of ethos, distinction and recognition has put into place and action.



As darkness swept the planet on the night of 23rd of March 2013, many businesses joined in and used the Earth Hour platform to encourage a long-term shift towards more sustainable actions and practices.

1.Listed amongst 23 Participating Landmarks *in Dubai & UAE (Based on Earth Hour 2013 Communications Report by EWS)

2. #1 UAE Hilton Hotel Rank based in Energy consumed (Kwh based) during the Earth Hour

EWS -WWF Earth Hour Team Message:
“EWS-WWF would like to thank you for your participation in Earth Hour on March 23rd 2013. Globally Earth Hour’s impact was once again record-breaking. Taking place on Saturday, March 23 at 8.30pm, more than 150 countries and 7000 cities participated in Earth Hour this year, and the world’s most famous landmarks switched off, such as Burj Khalifa in Dubai.Thank you for your immense support that made Earth Hour 2013 in the UAE another success. We are looking forward to working with you to carry the Earth Hour message beyond the hour.”

APRIL 22, 2013 – EARTH DAY

1. Six Team Members of the EHMT joined other Dubai residents to support EWS-WWF movie screening about wildlife conservation in Meydan IMAX during the Earth Day.
Link: https://h360community.com/galleries/earth-day-at-imax-theatre/

2. Proposed “EARTH” Movie screening to be done in hotel to promote awareness and environmental concerns



On 1st May 2013, EHMT supported to clean up Wadi Wurayah from graffiti and trash and help preserve one of the country’s hot spot for biodiversity. The only waterfall in the UAE is an attraction for the visitors from all the UAE, home for unique fauna and flora that its limited to this site.

1. Seven(7) EHMT members took part and been appreciated Wadi Wurayah PR
Link: https://uae.panda.org/?208514/EWS-WWF-and-Fujairah-Municipality-lead-150-volunteers-to-cleanup-Wadi-Wurayah-National-Park

2.Collected around 360 bags full of trash from three different areas in the park, and we cleaned a graffiti area equal to 30 square meters.

3.Registered 56 volunteering hours

Message from the Organizers:
“Thank you for your participation and conservation efforts during the Wadi Wurayah clean-up campaign last Wednesday the 1st of May. Thanks to your dedication and passion in preserving nature, we had 150 volunteers from all Emirates who joined us in Wadi Wurayah National Park to take part in this campaign. Despite the unstable weather conditions and travel required, you managed to join us on a working day and created fantastic results!”


WWF and EWS-WWF hosted the prestigious TEDxWWF conference in Abu Dhabi. Previously held in Geneva and Singapore, Abu Dhabi was the third city to host TEDxWWF, and this was the first time the conference visited the Middle East.

Theme for this year is: One Planet Living, stemmed from WWF’s overall vision to create a world where we can all live in harmony with nature within the limits of our one planet.

Achievement: Myself attended the conference with rich learning about experiences.I met the EARTH HOUR Co-founder Andy Ridley and other speakers

Andy’s Video Link : https://tedxwwf.com/earth-hour-reimagining-sustainability/


JUNE 5, 2013 WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY by Earth Hour Monitors Team

1. The EHMT Became official member of Clean Up the World.

2. Registered 113 Hours in the Purpose portal out of 60 Team member volunteers from all departments

3. Certificate of Participation of the World Environment Day

4. Engaged some Guests and all employees on sustainability

5. Event organized in 3 locations with tree planting at the Hilton staff accommodation

6.Recognized as the only hotel that organized WED in Dubai and joining other companies in UAE based in UNEP website

Message from the CUW Team:
“Welcome as a Clean Up the World Member!We are pleased to advise your group’s application to join Clean Up the World has been approved. Your membership is valid until December 31.
“Thank you for joining Clean Up the World and becoming part of a global community sharing a common goal – to clean up, fix up and conserve our world’s precious environment. Clean Up the World is an inspiring and effective international environmental campaign, attracting an estimated 35 million volunteers in 130 countries each year.”

The Earth Hour Monitors team of Blue Energy Committee would like to thank its volunteers,leaders and all supporters who championed this great endeavour.

We are committed to work on more year-long initiatives for PLANET EARTH.


“The trees & forests were destroyed exactly because our people were so dependent upon them as sources of energy. Each time one of us touches the soil of this land, we feel a sense of personal renewal.” – former South African president, Nelson Mandela

“Sustaining our Earth remains a fundamental principle in our policies. Next generations have the right to inherit a clean & safe environment.” – The Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai

“One Hour Is Not Enough” – Andy RidleyExecutive Director, Earth Hour


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