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Internal Promotion Leads to a Successful Catch Me Season!

Part of the reason our hotel has had such success with the Catch Me At My Best program is because of our internal promotion of it. At the start of the program, an HR representative attends each department’s daily meeting in order to ‘refresh’ everyone’s memories about how the program works, and to detail the prizes given to the winners.

At our property, the third place winner gets $50, the second place winner gets $75, and the first place winner gets $100. These prizes are also posted on the bulletin board in the employee break room next to the tally charts to remind everyone what they are working for.

The departments also make it a competition between each other. Each year we have a Catch Me At My Best superstar in each department, and all other employees strive to get more comment cards than that individual does. We frequently catch team members counting other team members stamps to see how many more stamps they need to take the lead.

Also, in our monthly hotel newsletters, we have a special section featuring Catch Me At My Best where we display comments from guests and the names of the team members that receive them so that they also receive recognition from their teammates.

Posted on Apr 28, 2010

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