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International Housekeeping Week 2011.

Sunday: Donuts & Coffee at stand-up meeting. A word scramble puzzle will be played. Winner will receive a prize.

Monday: Towel & Wash Cloth folding contest at 4pm.

Tuesday: Breakfast with the General Manager at 8am.

Wednesday: What is missing in the room game. Prize to the housekeeper who finds the most missing items.

Thursday: Housekeeping team members are encouraged to bring in their own ethnic food for lunch to share with staff.

Friday: Management Appreciation Day. Each department manager will go to the floors to give the room attendants a thank you gift.

Saturday: Thank you cards will be given to each team member signed by the ec committee. Inside the card is a coupon to “clean one less room”.

Posted on Sep 11, 2011

Topic(s): Celebration Plans, International Housekeeping Week

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