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Keep Recognition Healthy! Use These Ideas to Celebrate Team Member Health and Fitness Day.

When we think of celebrating with Team Members, pizza parties, cupcakes, and doughnuts are often the first things that come to mind. But there are plenty of healthy ways to recognize your team. Celebrate Team Member Health and Fitness Day on May 21 with one of these health-conscious ideas:

Raise the bar. Instead of chocolate, put customizable wrappers around granola bars.

Recognize healthy habits. Give a customized certificate or thank you card to Team Members you notice displaying healthy habits, such as washing their hands or keeping their uniforms clean.

An Apple a Day. Slice up some apples, and tell your team they’re the “best of the bunch” as you pass out the healthy snack. Or toast your team with some sugar-free apple cider.

Get Cooking. Divide your team into groups and see who can create the tastiest healthy snack out of materials you provide. Let your Kitchen team be the judges.

Fresh Choice. Bring in three to five unusual pieces of produce, and award a small prize to Team Members who can identify all of them. If you can’t find unique fruits or vegetables at your grocery store, print pictures.

Get Moving. Invigorate your team with a dance break. Let Team Members show off their (work-appropriate) moves, or invite an instructor from a nearby gym.

Daily Tips. Ask Team Members to submit their favorite healthy tip, whether it’s a recipe, a scenic bike route in town, or a great place to find walking gear. Post these in the team area.


Posted on Apr 29, 2014

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