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Key Points for an Effective Approach to Employee Recognition

We think recognition is one of the most worthwhile endeavors. Studies have shown again and again that recognizing your team’s efforts is the key to improving scores, growing morale, an upping productivity.

But is there such a thing as too much recognition? If we recognize every single act—showing up to work on time or having a clean uniform—there is a chance that recognition will lose its impact. Forbes recently published a great article on how to focus your recognition for the most impactful approach. Check out these tips below, adapted from Forbes:

1) In the moment – Recognition is much more effective when it’s timely. When you catch Team Members doing exemplary work, acknowledge their efforts within 30 minutes. Be specific, descriptive and measured.

2) In context – Recognition is most effective when it’s given in the context of a larger goal or business-results-focused activity. For example, a Sales Team Member who lands a big contract by putting in extra effort needs to be noticed for their hard work. As a bonus, recognizing these acts will reinforce expected behaviors for other Team Members.

3) Appropriate in volume/scale – Surprises are a great way to keep your team excited, but be sure the bulk of your recognition isn’t random. Make sure it matches the effort and results. Otherwise, recognition might lose its meaning.

4) Authentic, not automatic – Giving your recognition a human touch is the best way to make it effective and meaningful. Don’t just go on automatic: Consider your employees efforts and personalize the recognition.

5) Give it value – Money is not the most effective motivator. In fact, monetary rewards may backfire because you’re tying a cash value to your Team Members’ efforts. Your recognition should show Team Members that they’re valued members of your team—not just a number.


Posted on Nov 11, 2013

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