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Let’s Make Mark Buy Lunch!

Our hotel was under a PSS last year and we had some serious work to do to get our scores to where they needed to be. We worked very hard and implemented a number of programs in order to bring our scores up and we are happy to note that we were indeed successful. For the first quarter of 2009 our loyalty score was 51.1% and for the fourth quarter we finished at a quarterly Loyalty score of 61.0. A nearly 10% pts increase!

One way that we drove this tremendous growth in our Salt Scores is through a program called “Make Mark Buy Lunch”.

Our team members pay $3 for lunch each day. While it is certainly a bargain for the meal that we offer and for the convenience, it still is a noticeable expenditure for many of our associates.

We chose to combine a SALT score initiative with an team member benefit initiative. We also wanted to make a program that was:
• Easy for everyone to understand
• Answered the question “What is in it for me”
• Benefited all employee
• Simple to communicate
• Measurable and performance based
• Dynamic in that the goals moved as performance improved.

Attached is the memo that announced the program to all of our staff. Hopefully, a version of this program may be of use to another hotel wishing to implement something new in order to drive their scores.

Click here to download details (MS Word).

Posted on Jan 25, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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