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“Challenge the Manager” for Prizes … and Bragging Rights!

It’s called Challenge the Manager – our GM brought in a small table top ping pong table from home. You can use any type of simple table top game, or quiz style game to use. In the employee break-room he posted a Challenge – “Beat the GM and win a special prize”. All employees were invited to participate during breaks, lunch or after their shifts were over. The challenge could take place anywhere since the ping pong table was made for a table top (break-room, housekeeping, and the meeting room etc). Each person was given one warm up game and one real game vs. the GM. Standard ping pong rules applied. If you beat the GM he provided a prize – for some it was gift certificates we had gotten from a trade out with a local dinner theater, others received a certificate for weekend stay at the hotel in one of our suites, etc. The prizes didn’t have to be much or cost a lot – it was having the bragging rights that you beat the GM that seemed to do the trick.

When the tournaments were going on, employees would come in to watch, laughing and cheering the associate vs. the GM. It was amazing to see the morale of the employees pick up and see them smiling while during their work. Some of our repeat guests even peeked into the meeting room one day while a game was going on, thought it was great idea and wanted to play. What a way to connect with a guest! Not to mention the winners were the talk of the break room! Overall it didn’t cost us that much, the team members had fun, and their job performance improved.

Posted on Feb 4, 2010

Topic(s): Low-Cost Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

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