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Make a Recognition Plan

It’s that time again to plan for next year and ensure that the recognition programs are in the budget. It’s too easy for recognition to get forgotten during the whirlwind of just doing your job. So, during December I come up with as many ideas as I can think of and submit them for budget approval. Not everything gets approved, but I know what my deadlines are, what my budget is, and what I need to plan for.

I definitely see a return from my efforts. There is lower turnover and the team is happier. And happier Team Members means a higher quality of work.

Here are some of my ideas:

• Four of a kind. Housekeepers who receive scores of 10 in guest room cleanliness four times in a row win cash awards.
• Monthly competitions. Once a month, I would hold a fun week-long contest. For example, in January, I recognize the Housekeeper who turns in the most work orders for Engineering. The winner receives US $50.
• Make it rain. Starting with $20, I would have two surprise inspections every month for each Housekeeper. For every standards or safety issue, I remove one dollar. The Team Member keeps the rest.
• Lost and found. Every quarter, the Housekeeper who turns in the most items to lost and found with complete labels would win US $100.
• Monthly SALT initiatives. I created different SALT-related contests every month. For example, in May, everyone would win if they score 80 percent or better on department SALT scores.






Posted on Jan 3, 2017

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