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Meet 2013 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner Obed Mbatha—And See How He Celebrated His Win!

Congratulations to 2013 CEO Light & Warmth Award winner, Obed Mbatha!

Under Obed’s meticulous Leadership and mentorship, new Team Members at Hilton Durban, South Africa, blossom into bonafide Hiltonites. Obed loves sharing his wealth of knowledge with teammates, and his unwavering Teamwork inspires Hilton pride throughout the hotel.

For Obed, there’s no secret to Hospitality. He simply treats each guest as if they were the only one in the hotel. He arrives each day armed with a big smile and a well-studied CRM report. These actions have earned him countless mentions on SALT surveys and TripAdvisor. For him, the job isn’t done until the guest is 100 percent satisfied.

A true living legend, Obed is a pillar of Integrity even outside of the hotel. He serves as a pastor at his church, where he spreads his strong sense of morality to the community. A born leader, Obed knows that Teamwork and honesty are the real keys to success.

Posted on Mar 13, 2014

Topic(s): CEO Light & Warmth Award, Recent Recognition Ideas

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