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Meet Your Embassy Suites MAKE IT RIGHT Winners!

“I asked Justin about the dairy in the snacks at Happy Hour. Justin offered to make me some orange chicken. I said no, I would eat pretzels, and I thanked him. A little bit later, I received an order of orange chicken at my table. It was the best orange chicken I have ever had! Justin did not have to make this for me, what a nice and wonderful person. I have to say this is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a very long time! THANK YOU JUSTIN!!!!” — Justin Fair, Embassy Suites Louisville

“Kaylene, our Assistant Front Office Manager, was working at the reception desk when a little boy lost his little blue bear in the river as he was looking at the koi. Kaylene, seeing his distress and a quickly sinking bear, jumped into action and made her way down to the bank of our little river. She rolled up her pant leg and took off her shoes, and stepped right in just as the bear began to sink to the bottom. The little boy was happy to get his bear back and shyly said thank you to Kaylene. Kaylene simply said, ‘Oh, it’s happened to me with my kids. It’s no big deal.'”— Kaylene Higdon, Embassy Suites Portland – Airport

“I was here for a family reunion and was a little under the weather. Tammy went the extra mile to make me a hot toddy and was extremely friendly with the family. She made this whole stay much more enjoyable!!” — Tammy Hooper, Embassy Suites Detroit Metro Airport

“For going above and beyond to make a guest’s stay with his daughter memorable. She decorated the room for the girl’s birthday and had a gift bag for her. She also sent two pieces of cheesecake for them to enjoy.” — Pam Mastriano, Embassy Suites Jacksonville – Baymeadows

“Heather had a guest who wanted to move rooms due to the location by the elevators. In order to ‘Make it Right,’ she went up to the guest’s room and hand delivered his new keys, and then sent him a deluxe amenity with an apology card for the inconvenience of having to move rooms.” — Heather Meyen, Embassy Suites Minneapolis –Airport

“We arrived on Saturday; 7/26/14 to find our reservation had been canceled due to a problem with the credit card on file. Chris was very helpful, as were the two managers who also helped to find us a room. However, the hotel was sold out. Just when all seemed lost, the phone rang with a cancelation, which Chris promptly gave to us. My wife had been very upset and had gone to our car, so Chris personally took the keys to her with the ‘great news.’ Excellent service, as he never let our displeasure at the situation get to him!” — Chris Oliver, Embassy Suites Hot Springs – Hotel & Spa

“We could not access the Internet in our room, so Lindsay helped us get service in the lobby. She told us to contact her immediately if we continued to have trouble once we returned to our room. We were still having difficulty accessing the Internet in our room, so Lindsay called the Internet service provider and then promptly called us back to let us know the status. By the next morning, we had Internet. Lindsay saved the day because my husband had to contact his work! Thank you, Lindsay!” — Lindsay Shaver, Embassy Suites Cincinnati – RiverCenter (Covington, KY)

“When she found that my other sons had left for the beach without my son Alex, she made it her mission to put a smile back on his face. The ice cream sundae he ordered made all the other property guests green with envy.” — Samantha Taylor-Moore, Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach – Hotel & Resort

“A family staying at our hotel brought milk for their kids, and stored it in their in-room fridge. The milk went bad overnight due to the fridge not properly cooling. Junior checked the fridge for them, and helped ‘Make It Right’ by delivering milk up to the room so their kids could enjoy it. The guests were extremely happy!” — Junor Valdez, Embassy Suites San Diego – La Jolla

“During a very busy breakfast period, a guest with special religious needs made a special request. The guest wanted his breakfast to be cooked using his own ingredients and frying pan. Juan didn’t hesitate to take ownership of this request and Make it Right. The guest stayed for a week and was very pleased.” — Juan Vazquez, Embassy Suites San Juan – Hotel & Casino

Posted on Sep 14, 2014

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