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Meet Your Hilton Hotels & Resorts MAKE IT RIGHT Winners!

“Tahir suggested to a family that they eat dinner at Jackstack BBQ, and they hated it. Tahir asked if we could send up ice cream as a dessert to Make it Right, and we did. Great job Tahir!” —Tahir Alexander, Hilton President Kansas City

“We smelled smoke, called the Help number, packed, and went to the main desk. Karina immediately found us another room. She saw my son was scared & she checked the new room herself, called Security and Engineering for him and offered him a choice of 3 different rooms. She also followed up with a second call to the room. She is an amazing asset to your hotel. Make it Right.” —Karina Alvarez, El San Juan Resort & Casino, A Hilton Hotel

“A guest mentioned to Kianna that there was an issue with her bed. As Kianna was correcting the issue and conversing with the guest, the guest mentioned her desire to go to Whole Foods. Kianna requested a Whole Foods gift card for the guest in order to Make it Right.” — Kianna Blue, Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa/Short Pump

“Every single day during our breakfast, Stefanie was really attentive and delivered outstanding service. Today, on my last day, however, she really surprised me. When entering the restaurant, she welcomed me and guided me to my favorite table. It really became ‘my’ table during my stay. Stefanie even prepared the green jasmine tea that I always drink in the morning. Thank you Stefanie for your amazing service! A true Make it Right story.” — Stefanie Bodes, Hilton the Hague

“While doing a room, Anna realized that the shower, which went wrong on previous day and was reported by Anna, was out of order again! The room was occupied by a guest who had not complained about the shower. Anna let the Guest Relations Manager know about the situation, who told the guest: ‘If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to inform us and we will Make it Right!” The guest was really impressed how he was treated by our Team Members! Thank you, Anna!” — Anna Hajdú, Hilton Budapest

“Barry demonstrated our commitment to Make It Right after a guest called stating her milk had frozen. Barry resolved the problem by adjusting the fridge. He then exceeded expectations by doing two more: He got the guest new milk, and he sent the guest a CRM bag.” — Barry Howell, Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

“Our Pool Supervisor, Tele Leasiolagi, while completing his routine checks and inspections of the hotel’s resopa areas, noticed a 9-year-old girl struggling to stay afloat in our main pool. She eventually submerged under water. Without hesitation, he went over and jumped in immediately on instinct to pull the girl out of the pool. He stayed with her until Security and the girl’s parents arrived. Thanks to his quick response, the girl did not require any medical assistance. In recognition of his heroism, Tele was awarded Team Member of the Month. Also in further recognition, at our Team Member Make it Right Rally, he was awarded with the Life Saving Award, along with complimentary gift certificates. Once again, we commend Tele Leasiolagi for taking ownership of the situation at hand and Making It Right! :)” — Tele Leasiolagi, Hilton Guam Resort & Spa

“‘During my wait for Housekeeping, S’bo pleasantly made sure I was comfortable and was a delightful server.’ S’bo noticed that when this guest wanted to check-in, his room was not yet ready. Instead of him waiting, he offered him a seat in the Coral Lounge and offered him a coffee and then spent time chatting to him about our country/city and made his wait not feel as long. Thanks to him for Making it Right before a potential irritated guest became upset.” — S’Boniso Makhaye, Hilton Durban

“Doreen found a Guest had a leaking shower head. As he was showing her the leakage, Doreen realized that the Guest was barefoot in the bathroom. She informed Engineering for a repair to be done, and as a Make It Right, she quickly organized for a pair of slippers, which the Guest appreciated. The shower head was repaired and the Guest thanked Doreen for her quick response.” — Doreen Okere, Hilton Nairobi

“The two Team Members were very pro-active and perfectly put our Make It Right motto in action. In the middle of the night, one of our guests called to inform that there was a problem with their toilet. There is no maintenance person on duty at that time. Our Night auditor Mr. Regene and our assistant Restaurant Manager Mr. Robin, who was going home, took Ownership to go out to our workshop, get a plunger, and unblock the guest room toilet.” — Reygene Santillam and Robin Nauris, Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa

Posted on Sep 14, 2014

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